Update May 23, 2016: After a near 3 year hiatus from online zine transactions, I’m ready to open the distro again for orders. The zines shown here are a small selection of the distro. When I do a table somewhere, it’s usually half my own stuff and half other rad political zines I think are important and go make copies of. Everything is on sliding scale. Email me what you’re interested in and I will give you a sliding scale range for everything together.


Burning womenBurning Women: The European Witch Hunts, enclosure and the rise of capitalism by Lady Stardust
2007, 36 pages, A5
This is a solid analysis of the truth of the witch hunts- an epidemic which systematically murdered hundreds of thousands of women, stripping their/our autonomy and power, and was the base for the capitalist structure that we currently live in! It’s important to know what happened! This zine is so good that I went out and photocopied/ assembled a ton of them myself. You can find the text or PDF available through past tense, which publishes information on the radical historical movements of England

diaryDiary of a Female Orgasm by Comet Crowbar
2013. 18 pages, A7, transparent paper over pink cover
A tiny zine made of journal entries on what it feels like. Waves, vibrations, peaks, searching.

Cover_II-b D.I.Y Berlin: Be Your Own Damn Tour Guide (SECOND EDITION 2012)
by the Friendly Planet Collective
2012. 60 pages, A5, glitter disco-kugel.
**The second edition! With an updated 10-page detailed article on dealing with german bureaucracy and how to get a visa.** The title says it all. A personal take on what to do in Berlin while you’re here, be it a day, a week or a year. Information on visas, trains, zines, artist resources, swimming, monthly events, addresses, queer scene, where to party, obscure details of daily life, punk essentials and even comes with an “emergency supply” of glitter on the cover (for those weekend-long parties)
(If you’re in Berlin, you can pick on up at Other Nature)

2011. Hand-cut and assembled.
A puzzle-zine. Made from one sheet of A4 paper; cut to produce 11 trapezoid pages; stapled in 18 places; to create triangular flaps that unfold into a hexagon shape. More photos here.
Challenge: Fold triangles until the rabbit is found within a flat hexagon.
Herausforderung: Falte die Dreiecke, bis du den Hasen in einem flachen Sechseck findest.
Let’s Make a Zine! by H
2010. 8 pages, A7
This is a little introductory zine that I would give away at the zine workshops I do. It’s folded from one sheet of paper, with no staples. The perfect lil’ somthing to give to a friend curious about “what’s the deal with these little things??”


infecticitis15 Infecticitis #15 by Comet Crowbar
2015, half-legal, color centerfold

Infecticitis 13Infecticitis #13: deconstructing internalized capitalism and how to draw a flower by H
2013, 48 Pages, orange-paper cover, entirely hand-written
My newest zine about my political beliefs in Do-It-Yourself philosophy, reflecting on being born in America, anti-war, traveling to La ZAD in France, talking to nature, creators not consumers.

12-cover-bInfecticitis #12 (sometimes) by H
2012. 24 pages, A5
Hiking on the Appalachian Trail through Massachusetts. Hiking through the Rockies in Colorado. Bouts of depression. Tree love. Organizing the zine fest berlin. Washin’ dishes. Sleepless nights. “Maybe this issue is called Sometimes, cuz sometimes it’s one way, sometimes it’s not, or another way entirely. Don’t ask me about yesterday, it’s already gone.”
Infecticitis # 11: SELFISH by H
2012. 36 pages, A5.
A zine on being selfish, in regards to mental health. This zine is the result of a long Winter Depression, with a personal account on such topics as depression, suicide, self-harm/ scars, being an adult, self-awareness and taking care of yourself.

Infecticitis #10 by H
(Sold Out)
2011. 32 pages in 16cm triangle, woodblock print cover on 300g paper.
The gender-queer (in itself) art zine that folds into a pyramid. Reflection on 10 issues/ 7 years of zines. What is a zine. Juice. Designing puzzles.
Infecticitis #9 by H
(Sold Out)
2010. 32 pages, A6, hand-colored cover.
Figuring out the patterns of a new life in Berlin. Living autonomously for myself. Hitch-hiking to Norway. Coming out queer. Camp on a farm teaching English. The Professor and Sprinkles, the farm kittens. What will you make of today?

Party-fy Yr World by Comet Crowbar
2015. 12 pages, color paper, 1/4 size

PaperXrayPaper X-Ray by H
(Sold Out)
2012. 16 different-colored pages, hand sewn, smaller than A.
This art zine is printed in an edition of 31, and made using a RISOGRAPH machine (kind of like mechanical screen-printing) Paper X-ray is a quest to examine my body (teeth, hands) and other things (trees, typewritters) through a process of pencil-rubbing on paper. The drawings in here are, literally, paper x-rays.
Made during a lovely workshop at the Kotti Shop.
Say WHAT? stories by Poe Liberado, comics by H
2009. 16 pages, A6
This zine is a companion piece to a performance by Poe Liberado, “I’m not a racist… But,” There was so much to say in the performance that a zine was made to accompany it. A collaborative comic-zine about bad experiences with racist people, re-told in a humorous light. “No… seriously… really? You know I’m brown, right?”
Poe is an incredible activist with the anti-racist struggle, who can be seen here as a guest speaker during the Uppsala Pride 2010.
This Frantic Silence #2 Edited by Eric
(Sold Out)
36 pages, 1/2 size A5
A DIY zine in response to issues of depression, anxiety, suicide and mental health. With a focus on Dealing with these issues, both personally and through collective action.
trancending anatomyTrancending Anatomy: a guide to bodies and sexuality for partners of trans people.
This zine explains what it means for a body to be trans (trans-gender or trans-sexual) with many quotes from trans people on their experiences of their bodies and with their partners.


witches, midwives, nursesWitches, Midwives, and Nurses: A History of Women Healers by Barbara Ehrenreich and Deirdre English.
A very thorough analysis of women’s role as healers throughout the ages: from the independent, highly respected healer, to the deamonized witch, to the current profession of nursing (which, did you know, was created by oppressed victorian upper-class ladies?) This zine goes through all the details of how women were squashed by men and had our power and knowledge taken away. If you want to know why you have to pay so much damn money for health insurance, read this zine.