I have self published two books.

Cryptocunt and the Eco-Sexuals: The Very Queer Story of the NSA Headquarters in Berlin  by Comet Crowbar, 2015. (march-november) 44,000-word fiction novel


For some mysterious reason, office plants keep being stolen from bureaucracy buildings around Berlin. Arson attempts at the Ausländerbehörder and Frontex headquarters is putting a lot of pressure on the U.S. National Security Agency to do something about it. Skipper, a transgender intern at the NSA, and his campy boss The Officer, are on a hunt to find the alleged Eco-Sexual Anarchist Bike Brigade which is destroying public infrastructure across Europe.
The Officer and Skipper have more on their dirty plate than just surveilling activists: they are often found surveilling the porn activity of citizens, and spying on the jiggling asses of those who bike through Tempelhofer Feld. Their headquarters in the old control tower of the airport is a home base for their investigation. They have to be careful though, because the ESABB is known for their freaky sexual activity and perhaps have bewitching capabilities to queerify all those who come in contact with them.
In this first fiction novel by Comet Crowbar, you can meet Lisbeth Salander and her eco-warrior lover Kelly, have a gay experience at Fusion, deconstruct your gender, un-learn capitalism and feel funny in your pants with some anarchist-erotica (cuz dismantling the state is sexy, right?)

Read a sample chapter posted on my tumblr.


TTB-cover-smallTumble the Boulder – The Surveillance State and the American Empire  By Comet Crowbar, 2014 (january-october)

Inspired by journalists and whistleblowers who are courageous and fearless, this project is my personal response to the NSA disclosures and where the US is heading politically. It’s also a stand to what I believe in, freedom of the press, as I strongly identify as a self-publisher and value the freedom to say/print what I want.

These 188 pages include articles, collages, interviews and texts on the topics of: surveillance, war, journalism, democracy, consent, sustainability, art, action, and a big glossary and resource guide. Print run of 230 copies (each one numbered in the edition), size A5, paperback binding, b/w pages with 300g color cover. I would love for you to have one and help spread the resources and information I’ve included in this document of everything I’ve been thinking about during it’s 9 month incubation process.

You can download the PDF* of the entire book. Here too is the cover image, front & back (so if you want to DIY print & bind it, top it off with a nice color cover.)

Sample pages: SuspBlog-1



Available at:
– the Wooden Shoe (Philadelphia)
Blue Stockings (NYC)
– the Lucy Parsons Center (Boston)
Conspiracy Culture (Toronto)
Other Nature (Berlin)
McNally Jackson (NYC)
Schwarze Risse (Berlin)


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