Raumschiff Distro is me, Comet Crowbar. I really like zines. So much, that I’ve written 16 issues of “Infecticitis” since 2004 – 2015. So much, that I started this distro, to make zines more visible. So much, that I co-founded and organized the Zine Fest Berlin, which has been an annual international weekend event for self-publishing since 2011. I’ve also done zine workshops as an introduction to self-publishing.
Raumschiff is the german word for spaceship. The distro website started in 2011 and was based in Berlin, Germany for many years, where I lived from 2009-2014. Since the fall of 2015 I have returned to occupied Wampanoag territory to live, and the distro is inactive except for large tabling events.
I’m an organizer with the Uhuru Solidarity Movement, a maker, a get-shit-done-er. I enjoy weaving, mirror mazes, plants, journalism, crafty experiments, Magic-Eye patterns, and of course incessantly talking about dismanteling capitalism and colonialism.
I have another internet presence at comet-crowbar.tumblr.com
Comet Crowbar
October 28th, 2016