Uhuru from Berlin & fuck anarchism, it is only for white people


I am in Berlin germany for 2 weeks right now for the 6th annual Zine Fest Berlin. I am excited to table for Uhuru Solidarity Movement and speak to white europeans in the belly of the beast about our role in the African revolution.
I acknowledge that this distro is not a high priority in my life anymore and is basically over, except for large events like ZFB when I pull out everything I got. In the last months I have poured my whole heart into organizing with USM. On Oct 24th our crew in Boston put on a Day in Solidarity with African People event, you can watch it here (video posted on Oct 26th, 2016.)

In the last month, my anarchist housemate has proposed my eviction and been extremely hostile to me because I am a member of Uhuru Solidarity Movement. He has also banned all Uhuru Movement guests or organizing meetings from our house. Another  anarchist friend told me that they wouldn’t give to Black Star Industries (the economic development of the Uhuru Movement) because they are an anarchist and don’t believe in supporting heirarchical organizing. The Uhuru movement and the African People’s Socialist Party organize under Democratic Centralism, and as an organization of Black people, they have the right to organize themselves however they want to!!! Who the hell are white anarchists to tell them that they’re going about getting their liberation “wrong”??

To both of these and other responses we’ve received from the white Left, it is clear that anarchism is for white people and does not support Black Liberation and Black self-determination. When people say, they don’t support Uhuru, what they’re literally saying is, “I don’t support freedom”, because Uhuru means freedom in Swahili.

Anarchism was a response to the white experience in europe. African people and slavery were never factored into the equation of how to get liberation for “all” people. I am hereby erasing all circles around any A that I ever wrote. I am an African Internationalist, and I work under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party. You can read about my political journey to this conclusion and what the Uhuru movement is all about in this article that I made and printed into a zine, My Journey From Anarchism to African Internationalism: White Solidarity With Black Power (pdf)myjourney


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