PirateCon, Black Market, and the Left Forum

Hey! I live in Somerville, MA now. I’ve slowly been building up the distro again, having to print all new PDFs because my whole collection is still in Berlin. Last weekend I did a Zine Workshop at Parts and Crafts, which was fantastic and the participants were super appreciative  making zines for the first time. This coming weekend has two rad events I will be tabling at. On Saturday 25 April is the PirateCon2015, the annual spring event for the Massachusetts Pirate Party. I will have a bunch of zines on digital security and encryption. On Sunday I’ll have those zines and more at the Black Market art/zine/record/flea market in Cambridge.


At the end of May, I will be attending the Left Forum in NYC to facilitate a panel discussion with the MA Pirate Party. The conference theme this year is No Justice, No Peace: Confronting the Crises of Capitalism and Democracy.sub_theme_2015

Our proposal was accepted and this is super exciting, because the MAPP has never done a panel before and this will be a majorly large and political audience of thousands. I’ve also never done this kind of facilitation before, which is a challenge I look forward to organizing! I submitted another proposal that I am still waiting to hear back from, which would be based on my workshop “Dismantling the Surveillance State: An Intro to Secure Communications”. I’ve successfully presented this workshop at Shalefield Justice Spring Break in central Pennsylvania back in March 2015, to a room completely packed with environmental activists, and also just the other night at the 2nd monthly Crypto Party that I’m hosting at Parts and Crafts.
Book updates: I have only 8 copies left in this country! There are about 60 more in Berlin but I won’t see them until October. I don’t know if it’s annoying or cool to sell out so quickly of my most ambitious publication. I wish I had more copies right now, for all the upcoming events this spring and summer here in the US. I wish the second printing/edition would be hundreds more or even thousands, if I can find/get help with printing it again (230 copies was near €1100 out of pocket, plus €75 to ship some to the USA.)
HEY WORLD, WANNA SEE ME SUCCEED? Can you help me? Get me a grant and tell me how to fix Scribus so I can open the damn original file without it crashing? Can someone please teach me desktop publishing so I can have some iota of understanding a digital layout and not limit myself to only what I know being cut & paste? All inclusive print studio in one location which is my personal office with every tool I could possibly need? Maybe I can make flyers for the free PDF version anyway, a little picture with the info and website link. I need to reprint my business cards and distro flyers, I need to reprint everything and redefine myself. I’m so behind in everything. Saturn Return, y’all. Help me restructure my life and be a publisher and illustrator of the most radical and vital journalistic brainfood in this nutrient-deprived society. I look for publishing internships to learn the ways but I don’t want to work for a corporate BS, I want to start my own, you know? Become the media, change the world. Simple.


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