Solstice updates & Zine Residence

Celebrating the winter solstice in my own ways, I hope you have too. I now have my book Tumble the Boulder available at three rad & radical bookstores, in three different states! The Wooden Shoe in Philadelphia; Bluestockings in NYC; and as of yesterday the Lucy Parsons Center in Boston (Jamaica Plain). They are all fabulous places worth supporting.
Soon I am heading to Canada for the new year, to participate in something totally badass. For the month of January I will be in Montreal participating in the Fight Boredom Zine Residency!! Hosted by Fight Boredom zine distro, which has a really great selection of zines and I can’t wait to sift through them all when I’m there. I had never heard of a zine residence until this was introduced to me. Like an artist residence, but for making a zine! While I’m there I hope to host a Crypto Party and have a zine release party. I will be working on Infecticitis #15 from start to finish, and probably other small projects too.

And a final update, I have a new blog that I sometimes use, for sharing things that I find and to practice writing/ journalism.

IMG_2393 @ the Wooden Shoe in Philly. Note the first book on the top shelf is Cristy Road’s new -so good- memoir, Spit & Passion

LPC-2 @ the Lucy Parsons Center in JP. Note the hacker magazine 2600 on the shelf below. I plan to do a Cryptoparty at LPC sometime in February 2015.


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