april 2014

survived the winter-  check. It’s been a while since I copied a buncha zines. After my zinefest-brain decompressed post-fest, I pretty much erased the concept of zines from my head for a while. At the moment I’m engaged in two zine projects of my own, one perhaps will be a book. There is lots of writing to be done. Anyone out there want to start a publishing house together? “Raumschiff Press”? Let’s talk… I have ideas, but I can’t do it alone. And I’ve been thinking how I could take this distro project “to the next level” and be a somewhat legitimate publisher/ editor/ printer, in all the extravagant ways that I want to be. Are you sick of you’re boring job? Let’s start our own business-collective together.

I’ve taken down the “submit” page, because I don’t feel ready to take on new zines at the moment. I can’t really make the kinds of investments that I would like to. And though I have lots of zines here, it’s only a teeny amount that I’ve bought from other people in the traditional distro-wholesale way. There’s also pretty much zero orders, maybe one a month through the website. I’m okay with that because I much prefer human interactions and having a table at an event. If you want a sweet table-full of zines at your event, let me know.


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