get your hässengier*

hello digital universe: I’m playing a show tonight! and bringing a small box of zines from the distro. It’s a holiday party for GRRROLL, a grrl skateboarding group in Berlin. badass!
j3X_V37r0WqPmLTcS-eHh_4zOXBRJ5eZaGWdwbcmUx6Onj-8zP4ypvga7V-tmsTkMrWpHczpSniDPGdOewarG7cXEpA0eqmqzQIlAuNwD9TxUYp4w1NSa4Qj6jntYSO4f8zOA-KImt0d5cNMU7ERNFK6B8ws1cenb0ocOvFS=s0-d-e1-ftFuture events:
18 January 2014: I’m playing a show at a soliparty for a friend’s band, Anti-Corpos. They’re a feminist band from Brazil and want to tour here next year. Also for Emancypunx Records and LaDIY fest Berlin. @ Erreichbar (Reichenberger Str. 63a HH)
21 January 2014: ZINE WORKSHOP at my favorite place on Mehringdamm, Other Nature (Mehringdamm 79.) 6:30-9pm, 8-10 euro. More details here.

ps- I now have a bandcamp site for my music.
*hässengier was my friend’s parents band way back in the day, and is said like “ass in gear”


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