Infecticitis 13amazing mazePellucid Occlusionwitches, midwives, nursestrancending anatomy







Infecticitis #13: deconstructing internalized capitalism and how to draw a flower. My newest zine about my political beliefs in Do-It-Yourself philosophy, reflecting on being born in America, anti-war, traveling to La ZAD, talking to nature, living with trees, creators not consumers. Entirely written by hand, 48 pages, A6. 1 euro
Amazing Maze Zine by Martin Hollmer, a collection of eye-warping mazes hand drawn (just 1 mm wide!), which also folds out to reveal the greek history of the labyrinth and the minotaur, and an alternative ending! 2,50 euro
Pellucid Occlusion, newest zine by Martin. “a mess of pictorals, reflections on politics and mysticism; nonsense & all in weird english!” Texts on being in touch with your sixth sense/ the fifth element, the occult, where our food comes from, and many beautiful collages and drawings. 2,50 euro
Witches, Midwives, and Nurses: A History of Women Healers, by Barbara Ehrenreich and Deirdre English. A very thorough analysis of women’s role as healers throughout the ages: from the independent, highly respected healer, to the deamonized witch, to the current profession of nursing (which, did you know, was created by oppressed victorian upper-class ladies?) this zine goes through all the details of how women were squashed by men and had our power and knowledge taken away. if you want to know why you have to pay so much damn money for health insurance, read this zine. 1 euro
Transcending Anatomy: a guide to bodies and sexuality for partners of trans people. This zine explains what it means for a body to be trans (trans-gender or trans-sexual) with many quotes from trans people on their experiences of their bodies and with their partners. 1 euro

Yesterday I played an acoustic set at the opening party/ vegan BBQ for LaD.I.Y. Fest Berlin. Yeah LaDIYfest!!! I brought the zine distro and my own collection of zines set up on a blanket for a reading library. It was a really cozy atmosphere- thanks for the nice conversations! This was also my first really big public show, at Tempelhofer Feld. Thanks Julia for the photo:


The first week of September is the Reclaim the Fields camp 2013, which I’m super excited about and will be doing a Zine Workshop and also playing music at the party on the last night.  This is a self-organized camp, it is what you bring to it: “You are artists, activists, peasants, urban gardeners, are living on a collective farm or are active in political campaigns or groups? You want to share you experiences, pass and broaden your knowledge? Then you are welcome to do this in the course of workshops, discussions, practical work or in other ways.      We look forward to alternative ideas on topics like collective and solidariy form of living and working beyond capitalism and structures of exploitation. Everything that strengthens our diverse daily and organized resistance is welcome.”

Another zine-y event: 21 September, there will be a brunch at the Vetomat (F-Hain, scharnweberstr.) organized by one of us from the zinefest group. there will be some zines available, and around 6pm will be a show. I’ll be playing an acoustic set, along with Hauke Henkel from Micro Sleep diy record lable & distro in Berlin. The whole evening will have zine readings before, during, and after the music, so come with your favorite zines and read out loud some of your favorite passages!


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