snow in spring

Updates! The populace of Göteborg is now dispersed with zines. I sold out of almost all of the zines I brought. The show was great and the Crew Scumrask folks are very nice indeed! It was the first time I had the distro at a concert too. I talked with lots of folks about zines, and many thanks to Martin, a zine-fanatic partner-in-crime and author of Wide Myofacial Release and the Amazing Maze Zine (soon to be in the distro!)


treeloveNext month Raumschiff will have a table at the Heavy Days in Doomtown fest in Copenhagen, Denmark 2-5 May. AND later in the month, I’ll be doing a zine workshop at the Action, Mond und Stern festival in the Black Forest of southern germany, 23-26 May.

I also have a new zine that I finished last week: Diary of a Female Orgasm. size A7, € -,80 transparent cover over pink paper (a neat little trick I picked up from Lilla Feigenblatt’s zine By the time you read this I’ll be gone.) A tiny zine made of journal entries on what it feels like.


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