new zines + zinefest on the radio

Hey! The zine fest is next week!!!
It’s 3-4 November @ the SFE in the Meringhof. There are 46 tables/ projects signed up from all over the map. 10+ workshops and discussions. I’m doing a workshop on Distros (how to start one/ how to get your zine out there). New zines for the distro: Plans Plans Plans Plans by Biene, and Sound Record #1 by Nyx. It’s the euro-printed version of this new american zine by a friend of mine (one of the dream team members who started High Five in Boston, MA) Also I have a Parts & Crafts 2012 comp. zine, I made it with kids this summer at the invention-camp in Somerville MA. 

TONIGHT, ZINEFEST WILL BE ON THE RADIO. Yeah, the radio! Live interview with us the organizers @ 7pm, via the FunkFabrik B: It will be archived so you can search for it later too. 


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