Zine Fest Berlin debrief/ new zines/ Infecticitis 10

Photos of the event, taken by Declan J. Hurley.
The first annual Zine Fest Berlin was very much a sucsess! There was so much positive feedback, I sold zines till they sold out, and also acquired some new ones for the distro: Fictional Anatomy 1, Fictional Anatomy 2, Not Not Two, A Short Story About Money, Said The Pot to the Kettle, This Frantic Silence #2.
And, that’s not all. With the deadline of the zinefest looming overshoulder all season, I’ve released three new publications myself. Infect(icitis) #10, Find the Rabbit, and The Super Dude/ette Zine Guest Book of Top-Hat Secrecy. See the “zines” page for more details about each one (soon to be updated)

As one of the main organizers of the zinefest, I can say that all the stress and scissor-blisters was really really worth it. We hope for it to grow as an annual festival, and will start having plenums again in the Spring of 2012, if you’re interested in joining the organizing-crew!

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