London debrief

Having a table at the London Zine Symposium was a total success! I put many zine-names to faces and met lots of inspiring people, and returned to Berlin with an almost full suitcase of zines. The hot-off-the-press DIY Berlin zine sold out within two hours! We stayed with one of the organizers, Pete from Dead Trees & Dye Distro, and also with the wonderful folks of the Anarchist Teapot collective in Brighton. I also picked up some new zines for the distro: Adventures in Menstruating #6 and Morgenmuffel #18
Also, since I didn’t mention before: The long-awaited DIY Berlin: Be Your Own Damn Tour Guide is freshly in stock, the first edition just printed in April. There are glitter sparkles scattered all about the distro suitcase, so don’t be alarmed if you receive some sparkles in your next order : )
Special guest appearance in England! The Queen herself popped in to wish us happy zine-ing:


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