Zine workshop @ LaD.I.Y Fest Berlin

This weekend (19-20 Feb.) is the LaD.I.Y. Fest winterfest in Berlin, and on Saturday I will be facilitating a zine-making workshop. The whole weekend is packed with queer-feminist workshops and events and a super rad party at Südblock Saturday night. The zine workshop is from 3-6pm on Saturday, in the F.A.Q. Laden (Jonasstr. 40, S+U bahn Hermanstraße) 

Description of workshop:
Have you heard about Zines but don’t know what they are? Do you know what they are, but don’t know where to start to make your own?
Short for “magazine”, a ZINE is a small photocopied publication that you create yourself: you are the writer, the editor, the art-director, the publisher! Together in this workshop, we will learn all about what zines are, how they can be used, and why they are an important media of expression for both personal and political use. And of course, we will each make our own zine!
The focus of this workshop will be to start using our hands and our minds, in a do-it-yourself fashion, to get our thoughts out on paper and into the world! We’ll have lots of time to write and to play with a big box of collage materials, scissors and glue sticks, a typewritter, and plenty of zines to read for inspiration. We will review how to organize pages into a layout, photocopying tricks, how to collate and bind pages, zine communities and distros, and other related topics.
Some things that would be helpful to bring: Your ideas! Your journals and sketchbooks, favorite magazines for collage, favorite pen for writing, and (if you have your own,) scissors/ glue stick. Bring anything that could be inspiring for you to make your own zine. (Also, if you have a typewritter and would like to share it with the group for the day, that would be fantastic!)
Don’t worry if you come empty handed, we will have supplies- but be prepared for some creative action!

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