Somerville Porchfest

I’m gonna play at Porchfest tomorrow! It’s a city-wide decentralized fest, with each band/person playing on their own porch. I’ll be in the 2-4pm window and playing at 91 Belmont St, Somerville MA. I will also set up a distro table with lots of zines!

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PirateCon, Black Market, and the Left Forum

Hey! I live in Somerville, MA now. I’ve slowly been building up the distro again, having to print all new PDFs because my whole collection is still in Berlin. Last weekend I did a Zine Workshop at Parts and Crafts, which was fantastic and the participants were super appreciative  making zines for the first time. This coming weekend has two rad events I will be tabling at. On Saturday 25 April is the PirateCon2015, the annual spring event for the Massachusetts Pirate Party. I will have a bunch of zines on digital security and encryption. On Sunday I’ll have those zines and more at the Black Market art/zine/record/flea market in Cambridge.


At the end of May, I will be attending the Left Forum in NYC to facilitate a panel discussion with the MA Pirate Party. The conference theme this year is No Justice, No Peace: Confronting the Crises of Capitalism and Democracy.sub_theme_2015

Our proposal was accepted and this is super exciting, because the MAPP has never done a panel before and this will be a majorly large and political audience of thousands. I’ve also never done this kind of facilitation before, which is a challenge I look forward to organizing! I submitted another proposal that I am still waiting to hear back from, which would be based on my workshop “Dismantling the Surveillance State: An Intro to Secure Communications”. I’ve successfully presented this workshop at Shalefield Justice Spring Break in central Pennsylvania back in March 2015, to a room completely packed with environmental activists, and also just the other night at the 2nd monthly Crypto Party that I’m hosting at Parts and Crafts.
Book updates: I have only 8 copies left in this country! There are about 60 more in Berlin but I won’t see them until October. I don’t know if it’s annoying or cool to sell out so quickly of my most ambitious publication. I wish I had more copies right now, for all the upcoming events this spring and summer here in the US. I wish the second printing/edition would be hundreds more or even thousands, if I can find/get help with printing it again (230 copies was near €1100 out of pocket, plus €75 to ship some to the USA.)
HEY WORLD, WANNA SEE ME SUCCEED? Can you help me? Get me a grant and tell me how to fix Scribus so I can open the damn original file without it crashing? Can someone please teach me desktop publishing so I can have some iota of understanding a digital layout and not limit myself to only what I know being cut & paste? All inclusive print studio in one location which is my personal office with every tool I could possibly need? Maybe I can make flyers for the free PDF version anyway, a little picture with the info and website link. I need to reprint my business cards and distro flyers, I need to reprint everything and redefine myself. I’m so behind in everything. Saturn Return, y’all. Help me restructure my life and be a publisher and illustrator of the most radical and vital journalistic brainfood in this nutrient-deprived society. I look for publishing internships to learn the ways but I don’t want to work for a corporate BS, I want to start my own, you know? Become the media, change the world. Simple.

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crypto workshops

New zine:  Infecticitis #15, the result of my time in occupied Kanienkehaka territory, in english the Mohawk people, more recently known as Montréal. For the zine release party I did a double workshop on comics and email encryption, I felt really good doing it and the audience was super nice and interested.

More workshops coming up, both of which will come with a table full of zines as I rebuild the distro in North America:
March 9th during the Shalefield Justice Spring Break.
Dismantling the Surveillance State: An Intro to Secure Communications
Since Snowden’s revelations about the NSA, we can safely say now that the activist who always took the battery out of their phone wasn’t just being paranoid, but clearly had legitimate reasons to do so, and maybe wasn’t being paranoid enough. In this workshop we will discuss practical ways we can “”take the battery out”” of the many digital ways we communicate and use the internet, such as by embracing anonymous and encrypted services. We will talk about why surveillance is harmful, especially for those of us with plans to change the world for the better, and what we can do to redefine our relationship to technology. Plus an intro to email encryption with PGP. Accessible language + safer space to ask questions.

And March 19th, 6-9pm a Crypto Party at Parts and Crafts in Somerville, MA. Hopefully the first of many!

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Here’s my introduction by Amber to the Fight Boredom zine residency. I start tomorrow! And my book will soon be available at Conspiracy Culture bookshop in Toronto.

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Solstice updates & Zine Residence

Celebrating the winter solstice in my own ways, I hope you have too. I now have my book Tumble the Boulder available at three rad & radical bookstores, in three different states! The Wooden Shoe in Philadelphia; Bluestockings in NYC; and as of yesterday the Lucy Parsons Center in Boston (Jamaica Plain). They are all fabulous places worth supporting.
Soon I am heading to Canada for the new year, to participate in something totally badass. For the month of January I will be in Montreal participating in the Fight Boredom Zine Residency!! Hosted by Fight Boredom zine distro, which has a really great selection of zines and I can’t wait to sift through them all when I’m there. I had never heard of a zine residence until this was introduced to me. Like an artist residence, but for making a zine! While I’m there I hope to host a Crypto Party and have a zine release party. I will be working on Infecticitis #15 from start to finish, and probably other small projects too.

And a final update, I have a new blog that I sometimes use, for sharing things that I find and to practice writing/ journalism.

IMG_2393 @ the Wooden Shoe in Philly. Note the first book on the top shelf is Cristy Road’s new -so good- memoir, Spit & Passion

LPC-2 @ the Lucy Parsons Center in JP. Note the hacker magazine 2600 on the shelf below. I plan to do a Cryptoparty at LPC sometime in February 2015.

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new section: books

My new zine/book Tumble the Boulder is officially available now for ordering. Check out the “Books” section to see a full description and sample pages.
If you’re interested in distributing them or want me to do a presentation at an event/bookshop, let me know!

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hello USA

hey, so I’m back in the Boston area right now. It’s been over two years. Tomorrow morning I’ll be doing an artist talk at Montserrat College of Art, where I went to school. I’m very excited to talk about my Berlin experience to my previous art community that nurtured me into being. It will also be the first time I ever use a digital presentation – it’s pretty fun right now to figure out how to organize and present my work from the past 5 years into a digital file:

Screenshot from 2014-11-20 13:13:43Friday, November 21st, 11:30am
Artist Talk with Halley Murray ’08
Location: 23 Essex Street, Beverly MA 01915, Room 307
In the Artist Talk, Murray will discuss life since graduation from Montserrat, having lived in Berlin, Germany for the past five years. “Moving there first to participate in an artist residence, she has since decided to stick around, acquired a visa, co-founded and organizes the annual Zine Fest Berlin, published many zines, and has recently released a book. Inspired by Edward Snowden and the action to be taken to stop the surveillance crisis, the book is a compilation of zine articles and collages addressing such topics as democracy, press, the Endless War, sustainability, consent, art and action.” This book and other zines will be available during this lunchtime session. Come and she’ll be happy to address any questions about Berlin life, organizing, and self-publishing.

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