Uhuru from Berlin / Abandoning white anarchism in place of Revolutionary Black Power


I am in Berlin germany for 2 weeks right now for the 6th annual Zine Fest Berlin, which I co-founded in 2011 and am so glad to see it continue after the 4 years I spent in building it to be an international institution of DIY zine culture. I am excited to table for the Uhuru Solidarity Movement and speak to white europeans in the belly of the beast about our history as colonizers and what our role can be to overturn our parasitic contradictions by joining the African revolution, working under the leadership of working-class African people for reparations.

I acknowledge that this distro is not a high priority in my life anymore and is basically over, except for large events like ZFB when I pull out everything I got. In the last months I have poured my whole heart into organizing with USM. On Oct 24th our group in Boston put on a Day in Solidarity with African People event, you can watch it here (video posted on Oct 26th, 2016.)

In the last month, my white anarchist housemate has proposed my eviction and been extremely hostile to me because I am a member of Uhuru Solidarity Movement, an anti-colonial black-power organization of white people which was created by, is accountable to and works under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) for reparations in the white community. In a collective house meeting, he pulled the Block card to ban all members and supporters of the APSP from ever 1) being a guest in the guest room, 2) living as a housemate, and 3) holding organizing meetings. My other white anarchist housemates have failed to acknowledge the dialectical material analysis of this as political repression and a blast against free speech and autonomy, and refused to so much as revisit the ban at a later meeting– believe he has the “right” to his subjective feelings, versus the actual objective fact that he is a white man opposed to reparations and black-power leadership. Thus by default, my white anarchist housemates have sided with his stance on the ban. They are all as guilty as he is in their stance against reparations to the black community, having put a white person’s feelings above the objective fact that all white people owe reparations to African people for the centuries of trauma we have inflicted. That is euro-centric white nationalist thinking, whereas USM is African-centric and African Internationalist.

Another white anarchist housemate told me that she would not pay reparations to Black Star Industries (the black working-class economic development projects of the Uhuru Movement) because “They aren’t anarchist and I don’t believe in supporting hierarchical organizing.” This, coming from a white girl, who spends quite a lot of money on spas and weekend airplane trips around the world– which I doubt are anarchist institutions. Who the hell are white people, white anarchists no less who supposedly believe in autonomy, to tell African people that they are going about getting their liberation “wrong”? That is the definition of ideological imperialism: trying to dominate and control how a nation of colonized people thinks. She said this to me after hearing an African mother pour out her trauma of having her teenage daughter drowned and murdered by the police, and is fundraising for the campaign Black Community Control of the Police and that she can press charges against the entire police department to demand justice for her child. The contradiction in this white anarchist’s political line is laughable and a very clear example that anarchism is most often loved by white, middle- to upper-class people because it does not hold them accountable to the colonized people of the world, whose resources are hoarded in our communities. The stolen coltan from the Congo that’s trapped in the computers we use in techie jobs that give white people like her a retirement plan and African people a stump where their hand used to be which was macheted off by Belgian colonizers when they refused to work in the mines in Congo.

Since this original post I have had a mob of black-bloc white anarchists chant at me at a demo “Uhuru is a cult” and have been evicted yet again from the boston anarchist bookfair with the free literature I had on reparations and copies of the Burning Spear Newspaper, an anti-colonial paper written by poor and working-class black people around the world. When I resisted and stood my ground, I asked what they would do if I stayed. They said they would throw it in the trash. A newspaper by colonized African people, children of the enslaved– thrown into the trash by a white person whose ancestors were slavemasters! That’s what white nationaism looks like: doing things that uphold the white nation and blocking the voice of the African nation.

All of these attacks were by white people, and were never about me personally despite how aggressive and hostile– they are attacks on the black working-class to lead their own struggle. These paper tigers from the “scene” which I once used to be part of do not scare me. It only fuels my fire to destroy white power capitalism and fight for black power.  As a white person in solidarity with black self-determination, I will defend the right of working-class, poor African peasants to decide for themselves how they will liberate themselves of white power colonial domination. I am a proud member of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement and no amount of slander, death threats, evictions, or cult articles from white people is going to sway my desire to completely crush white power parasitic capitalism and organize for a liberated African socialist economy and black power word, working under the brilliant African People’s Socialist Party.

The demand for Reparations by African people is not about making white people feel good and comfortable, as everything else in this society is designed for us (and created by enslaved African labor)– it is about being accountable to the hundreds of years of violence, oppression, colonialism and stolen wealth, and paying it back. The APSP organizes through the revolutionary structure of Democratic Centralism, which is what the Vietnamese people’s army used to defeat both French and US imperialism in the 1960s and liberated their people. This is something most white anarchists who are against the Uhuru Movement love to get caught up on to dismiss the entire 50 year old revolutionary black power movement in one swoop: “Not anarchist? Pass.”

The African People’s Socialist Party, as an organization of African people– people from Africa, a nation which has been colonized by white europeans for centuries— they have the self-determined right to organize their nation of people however they want to. White colonizers do not have the right to impose our ideas anymore on African people who are living under colonial domination and fighting like hell to overturn their conditions of oppression. White anarchists, shut up with your white nationalist slander against the Uhuru Movement and pay reparations. To be in solidarity with black liberation we must work under the leadership of the working-class African-led revolutionary organization, the APSP.

To all of these responses and more from the white Left, it is clear that anarchism is for white people and does not support Black Liberation and Black self-determination. When white people say they don’t support Uhuru, what they’re literally saying is, “I don’t support freedom”, because Uhuru means freedom in Swahili.

Anarchism was a response to the white experience in europe. African people and slavery were never factored into the equation of how to get liberation for “all” people. Slavery was not mentioned once in the entirety of Marx’s Communist Manifesto, and that was written during the peak of slavery. I am hereby erasing all circles around any A that I ever wrote. I am an African Internationalist, and I work under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party. You can read about my political journey to this conclusion and what the Uhuru movement is all about in this article that I made and printed into a zine, My Journey From Anarchism to African Internationalism: White Solidarity With Black Power (pdf)myjourney

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Spring 2016

Last weekend I tabled at the Black Market in Cambridge, MA. I had my distro and I set it up as a fundraiser to raise reparations for the African People’s Socialist Party. In January of this year I joined the Uhuru Solidarity Movement. It’s a white organization under the leadership of the African working class, and it’s our responsibility to go into white communities and seek reparations for slavery and the genocide of African people. A few weeks ago I went to Florida for their annual national convention and met some super rad organizers. Time to get organizing! Here’s my table:


I shared the table with another project I’ve been a part of, a screenprint collective that’s a fundraiser for the AIDS Action Committee. I designed some of the images (no borders, turtle island, and the Audre Lorde quote) and burned almost all the screens. We’ve had 2 action days so far printing a ton of shirts at Parts and Crafts, the makerspace where I work in Somerville.



This was the selfie I made in january saying why I joined the Uhuru Solidarity Movement:


More organizing: I’ve been involved with FANG this past month too. Read the article here.


Alright that about sums it up for my bi-annual posting to this site. Happy springtime.

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what’s up, universe

This is the eve of a special day. Tomorrow I will move into the Lantern house, near Central Sq in Cambridge, MA. I finally have a home! They have an enormous radical history library in the basement.

I was just at the boston anarchist bookfair yesterday for the first revival of my distro back on turtle island, and it was great. Two weeks ago was the zine fest berlin, and it was… pure magic. That was ZFB #5, and the first time I had ever been to the event without having organized one bit of it. It was extra special because finally, I got to purely enjoy the seedling event that I co-founded and furiously organized/stressed over since 2011. I got to enjoy it as a regular table holder and therefor experience fully the joy of such a BADASS FUCKING ZINE FEST. and I’m not just saying that because I started the event– it’s just a fucken cool place to be a part of, damn. The Zine Fest Berlin: your wet dream in reality. A constant stream of radical human beings, from everywhere. It’s getting bigger, but still manages to be cozy and intimite and DIY as fuck. I don’t think I could have been much help this year with the event anyway– I was trying so hard just to finish my own zine projects to get them printed and on the table in time for the fest. Total sucsess, in so many ways. I am so proud, inspired and honored by my talented friends who make such amazing work.

Last week I moved back to the east coast of turtle island. I’m here, working at Parts and Crafts, and full of plans. Eventually when I get settled down here, over the winter I will redo the distro and make it accessible again for mail orders. I plan to table at zine events and stick around for a good while to organize some good shit ’round here. And I am proud to announce the release of my first fiction novel:


A queer + anarchist + erotica + fiction novel. 44,000 tantelizing words, written between march-november of 2015. Description:

For some mysterious reason, office plants keep being stolen from bureaucracy buildings around Berlin. Arson attempts at the Ausländerbehörder and Frontex headquarters is putting a lot of pressure on the U.S. National Security Agency to do something about it. Skipper, a transgender intern at the NSA, and his campy boss The Officer, are on a hunt to find the alleged Eco-Sexual Anarchist Bike Brigade which is destroying public infrastructure across Europe.
    The Officer and Skipper have more on their dirty plate than just surveilling activists: they are often found surveilling the porn activity of citizens, and spying on the jiggling asses of those who bike through Tempelhofer Feld. Their headquarters in the old control tower of the airport is a home base for their investigation. They have to be careful though, because the ESABB is known for their freaky sexual activity and perhaps have bewitching capabilities to queerify all those who come in contact with them.
    In this first fiction novel by Comet Crowbar, you can meet Lisbeth Salander and her eco-warrior lover Kelly, have a gay experience at Fusion, deconstruct your gender, un-learn capitalism and feel funny in your pants with some anarchist-erotica (cuz dismantling the state is sexy, right?)


Comet Crowbar Has A Home, yall! Enjoy your anti-colonial dinner holidays and never forget, we’re living on stolen land  XXX

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Somerville Porchfest

I’m gonna play at Porchfest tomorrow! It’s a city-wide decentralized fest, with each band/person playing on their own porch. I’ll be in the 2-4pm window and playing at 91 Belmont St, Somerville MA. I will also set up a distro table with lots of zines!

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PirateCon, Black Market, and the Left Forum

Hey! I live in Somerville, MA now. I’ve slowly been building up the distro again, having to print all new PDFs because my whole collection is still in Berlin. Last weekend I did a Zine Workshop at Parts and Crafts, which was fantastic and the participants were super appreciative  making zines for the first time. This coming weekend has two rad events I will be tabling at. On Saturday 25 April is the PirateCon2015, the annual spring event for the Massachusetts Pirate Party. I will have a bunch of zines on digital security and encryption. On Sunday I’ll have those zines and more at the Black Market art/zine/record/flea market in Cambridge.


At the end of May, I will be attending the Left Forum in NYC to facilitate a panel discussion with the MA Pirate Party. The conference theme this year is No Justice, No Peace: Confronting the Crises of Capitalism and Democracy.sub_theme_2015

Our proposal was accepted and this is super exciting, because the MAPP has never done a panel before and this will be a majorly large and political audience of thousands. I’ve also never done this kind of facilitation before, which is a challenge I look forward to organizing! I submitted another proposal that I am still waiting to hear back from, which would be based on my workshop “Dismantling the Surveillance State: An Intro to Secure Communications”. I’ve successfully presented this workshop at Shalefield Justice Spring Break in central Pennsylvania back in March 2015, to a room completely packed with environmental activists, and also just the other night at the 2nd monthly Crypto Party that I’m hosting at Parts and Crafts.
Book updates: I have only 8 copies left in this country! There are about 60 more in Berlin but I won’t see them until October. I don’t know if it’s annoying or cool to sell out so quickly of my most ambitious publication. I wish I had more copies right now, for all the upcoming events this spring and summer here in the US. I wish the second printing/edition would be hundreds more or even thousands, if I can find/get help with printing it again (230 copies was near €1100 out of pocket, plus €75 to ship some to the USA.)
HEY WORLD, WANNA SEE ME SUCCEED? Can you help me? Get me a grant and tell me how to fix Scribus so I can open the damn original file without it crashing? Can someone please teach me desktop publishing so I can have some iota of understanding a digital layout and not limit myself to only what I know being cut & paste? All inclusive print studio in one location which is my personal office with every tool I could possibly need? Maybe I can make flyers for the free PDF version anyway, a little picture with the info and website link. I need to reprint my business cards and distro flyers, I need to reprint everything and redefine myself. I’m so behind in everything. Saturn Return, y’all. Help me restructure my life and be a publisher and illustrator of the most radical and vital journalistic brainfood in this nutrient-deprived society. I look for publishing internships to learn the ways but I don’t want to work for a corporate BS, I want to start my own, you know? Become the media, change the world. Simple.

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crypto workshops

New zine:  Infecticitis #15, the result of my time in occupied Kanienkehaka territory, in english the Mohawk people, more recently known as Montréal. For the zine release party I did a double workshop on comics and email encryption, I felt really good doing it and the audience was super nice and interested.

More workshops coming up, both of which will come with a table full of zines as I rebuild the distro in North America:
March 9th during the Shalefield Justice Spring Break.
Dismantling the Surveillance State: An Intro to Secure Communications
Since Snowden’s revelations about the NSA, we can safely say now that the activist who always took the battery out of their phone wasn’t just being paranoid, but clearly had legitimate reasons to do so, and maybe wasn’t being paranoid enough. In this workshop we will discuss practical ways we can “”take the battery out”” of the many digital ways we communicate and use the internet, such as by embracing anonymous and encrypted services. We will talk about why surveillance is harmful, especially for those of us with plans to change the world for the better, and what we can do to redefine our relationship to technology. Plus an intro to email encryption with PGP. Accessible language + safer space to ask questions.

And March 19th, 6-9pm a Crypto Party at Parts and Crafts in Somerville, MA. Hopefully the first of many!

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Here’s my introduction by Amber to the Fight Boredom zine residency. I start tomorrow! And my book will soon be available at Conspiracy Culture bookshop in Toronto.

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