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My new zine/book Tumble the Boulder is officially available now for ordering. Check out the “Books” section to see a full description and sample pages.
If you’re interested in distributing them or want me to do a presentation at an event/bookshop, let me know!

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hello USA

hey, so I’m back in the Boston area right now. It’s been over two years. Tomorrow morning I’ll be doing an artist talk at Montserrat College of Art, where I went to school. I’m very excited to talk about my Berlin experience to my previous art community that nurtured me into being. It will also be the first time I ever use a digital presentation – it’s pretty fun right now to figure out how to organize and present my work from the past 5 years into a digital file:

Screenshot from 2014-11-20 13:13:43Friday, November 21st, 11:30am
Artist Talk with Halley Murray ’08
Location: 23 Essex Street, Beverly MA 01915, Room 307
In the Artist Talk, Murray will discuss life since graduation from Montserrat, having lived in Berlin, Germany for the past five years. “Moving there first to participate in an artist residence, she has since decided to stick around, acquired a visa, co-founded and organizes the annual Zine Fest Berlin, published many zines, and has recently released a book. Inspired by Edward Snowden and the action to be taken to stop the surveillance crisis, the book is a compilation of zine articles and collages addressing such topics as democracy, press, the Endless War, sustainability, consent, art and action.” This book and other zines will be available during this lunchtime session. Come and she’ll be happy to address any questions about Berlin life, organizing, and self-publishing.

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Tomorrow is the zinefest! Our 4th annual weekend for all things self published and DIY. I’ll have a big table for Raumschiff and also do a workshop with a friend on email encryption (saturday, 3-4:30)
It will also be the BOOK LAUNCH of my new zinebook, Tumble the Boulder – The Surveillance State and the American Empire. 188 pages of articles and collages about surveillance, press, democracy, the endless war, consent, art, action, and a glossary and resource guide at the end. I’ve been working on this since February 2014 after the Transmediale festival in berlin.

Just a few days ago, with my pal SBTL CLNG, we picked up the 230 copies from the printer:


IMG_4775IMG_4782Proud momma with my babies. It took 9 months from beginning to end of this project.
This was on Tuesday the 4th of november. From here we went right to the Kino International to reserve tickets for the Berlin premier of CITIZENFOUR, the new film by Laura Poitras that I have been so eager to see for the whole year.
IMG_4785Me and Ed, hanging outside the cinema.
We saw the film on Wednesday night. I am not good at film reviews so I will just say that CITIZENFOUR is an experience worth experiencing. And wow, what a theater! Laura was there and spoke before the film began, front and center against an immaculate silver curtain, the biggest rectangle I have ever seen.
After the show I found her and Jake Applebaum sitting on a couch, both who I included interviews of in my book and are people who I highly respect. Coincidentally I had just two copies with me at the time, and had very much wanted to share a copy with these two special humans. They now have the first signed copies that I ever gave out!

The book and the zinefest got plugged in the November issue of EXBERLINER, in the “Best of Berlin” section. Page 4!!!
So epic. It’s been a full week of accomplishments coming together, the work I’ve done all year on various projects is wrapping itself up to a calm before the storm on this eve before the zinefest. The distro is back for the weekend, I’ll have a packed-out table with over 40 titles plus some new ones I’ve put together just in the past week.
Come pick up a copy at the RAUMSCHIFF table and have a fantastic weekend! Full schedule >>

Coming soon: free PDF download of the whole book:


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Closed for the summer and beyond.

Rauschiff Distro is currently on indefinite hiatus.

Participation in any table at events will be sporadic and a random selection of whatever I have copies left of.

Creators, not consumers. I must create more and not be caught up in the “business” world, even if small scale and DIY.  Now, go express yourself and make a zine. Pick up a brick, get angry at the state of the world and take action, however you can. Start with the self and move outwards.

- Halley Murray
20. July 2014, Berlin.

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april 2014

survived the winter-  check. It’s been a while since I copied a buncha zines. After my zinefest-brain decompressed post-fest, I pretty much erased the concept of zines from my head for a while. At the moment I’m engaged in two zine projects of my own, one perhaps will be a book. There is lots of writing to be done. Anyone out there want to start a publishing house together? “Raumschiff Press”? Let’s talk… I have ideas, but I can’t do it alone. And I’ve been thinking how I could take this distro project “to the next level” and be a somewhat legitimate publisher/ editor/ printer, in all the extravagant ways that I want to be. Are you sick of you’re boring job? Let’s start our own business-collective together.

I’ve taken down the “submit” page, because I don’t feel ready to take on new zines at the moment. I can’t really make the kinds of investments that I would like to. And though I have lots of zines here, it’s only a teeny amount that I’ve bought from other people in the traditional distro-wholesale way. There’s also pretty much zero orders, maybe one a month through the website. I’m okay with that because I much prefer human interactions and having a table at an event. If you want a sweet table-full of zines at your event, let me know.

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get your hässengier*

hello digital universe: I’m playing a show tonight! and bringing a small box of zines from the distro. It’s a holiday party for GRRROLL, a grrl skateboarding group in Berlin. badass!
j3X_V37r0WqPmLTcS-eHh_4zOXBRJ5eZaGWdwbcmUx6Onj-8zP4ypvga7V-tmsTkMrWpHczpSniDPGdOewarG7cXEpA0eqmqzQIlAuNwD9TxUYp4w1NSa4Qj6jntYSO4f8zOA-KImt0d5cNMU7ERNFK6B8ws1cenb0ocOvFS=s0-d-e1-ftFuture events:
18 January 2014: I’m playing a show at a soliparty for a friend’s band, Anti-Corpos. They’re a feminist band from Brazil and want to tour here next year. Also for Emancypunx Records and LaDIY fest Berlin. @ Erreichbar (Reichenberger Str. 63a HH)
21 January 2014: ZINE WORKSHOP at my favorite place on Mehringdamm, Other Nature (Mehringdamm 79.) 6:30-9pm, 8-10 euro. More details here.

ps- I now have a bandcamp site for my music.
*hässengier was my friend’s parents band way back in the day, and is said like “ass in gear”

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Behind the “zines”: life of an organizer


A: list of table applications and diagram of venue
B: TO DO LISTS! with sub-categories: Zinefest, my distro/zines, personal life/applying for a visa 2 weeks after zinefest. With SUB-sub-categories: texts to write, emails to send, people to contact, physical tasks, things to make.
C: preparing notes for next Plenum (zinefest)
D: time line: 2.5 weeks left to get it all done
E: zine layouts and originals to be organized, folder of zinefest notes
F: finished zines! Finally something is complete in full.
G: zines to be photo-copied
H: zines to be edited or special assembly
I: zines to be folded, cut, and stapled.
J: inspiration to keep going


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